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Rights and duties from the hospitable receptive contract - DEHOGA

1. The hospitable receptive contract is completed by the time the room was ordered and commited, or has been provided if a commitment could not happen because of a lack of time.

2. The receptive contracts completion obliges the contracting party to fulfill the contract, no matter when or to which duration it was completed.

3. The hotelier is obliged to idemnifiy the guest if the room was not provided.

4. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed price minus the hoteliers saved expenditure, if he does not claim the contractual services.

5.a) The hotelier should try and allocate non-claimed rooms otherwise to prevent losses.

5.b) Until the room is allocated otherwise, the guest is obliged to pay the amount calculated pursuant to paragraph 4 for the duration of the contract.

For room reservations at hotels, guest houses and pensions, the following retirement packages count for:
Unitl the 31. day before arrival: 10% of the full price
Unitl the 21. day before arrival: 20% of the full price
Unitl the 11. day before arrival: 40% of the full price
Unitl the 7. day before arrival: 60% of the full price
After: 80% of the full price
For a long stay, we recommend the completion of a trip cancellation insurance!

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